Everyone gets books for Christmas, right?

Everyone in our house does anyway, even the most reluctant of readers (I thought the Ladybird Expert books may help with GCSE revision; let’s see). As usual, mine is the biggest pile. I finished Cassandra Darke by Christmas Day night and have almost finished Death in Spring – which I don’t really understand but am enjoying nevertheless.

3 thoughts on “Everyone gets books for Christmas, right?”

  1. I spy David Rodigan’s book in someone’s pile. We watched a documentary on him over the weekend, recorded quite some time ago. It was the highlight of our viewing Christmas alongside The Great Reindeer Migration. Happy reading to all of you!

    1. If it’s the one called Reggae Fever that was on BBC4, then I saw that too. It lead me to buy the book for my husband. What a dude Rodigan is. Taking my husband to see him at the Albert Hall in March. Should be good fun. I must look up the Great Reindeer Migration.

      1. That’s the one. He was wonderful, as were the reindeer. Never thought I’d be happy to watch two hours of them slowly moving north but it’s hypnotic and quite beautiful.

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