Let’s give this another go…

imagesWow!  It’s been nearly two years since I wrote anything on here. Amazingly it still gets visitors.  Until about 4 months ago I still received the odd review copy.

My blogging sabbatical coincided with me going back to work after a long career break.  It has been tough to balance my work and home life and find time for the various clubs and hobbies my family and I have.  More recently though, and probably because I am a bit fed up at work, I’ve felt a nagging desire to get back to my virtual safe haven.  I’ve got this feeling that If I don’t start writing soon I may turn into the sort of miserable character you find in Modern Toss work cartoons.

I’ve never been good at writing, but I always loved chatting about books and reading.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess, depending on how you look at it!) I’m not going to have the luxury of time to write the long-winded, spoiler-filled essays I used to.  So I’m going to attempt to write my book thoughts in 10 sentences or less – wish me luck!  First post tomorrow.


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