National Libraries Day


Today is National Libraries Day.  If you pop by here regularly you will know how I feel about my local library and the role of libraries generally.  I wrote about it here not long ago.  We haven’t got time today to pop down there and support the events going on, but I was there yesterday, so feel like I’ve had my weekly fix.  Plus, very luckily as the littlest fictionhabit and I were walking down the high street this morning we bumped into one of the librarians drumming up interest in story time.  We were greeted with smiles and free bookmarks and even a hug for me!  Now, you might not get that every day when you visit the library, but what you will get is friendly, knowledgable staff, willing to help, advise and recommend.

If you are a member of your library, then please pop down to support them.  If you are not a member, it’s very easy to join.  So why not see what your library has to offer.


What do you think?

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