Another Award…Surely not?!

With some awkwardness I have to tell you about another award I was nominated for by a fellow blogger.  Awkward, because I feel unworthy of these things, being such a newbie…!  This award, like the last one, is peer-to-peer, but that doesn’t suggest it’s less meaningful.  How nice it is to know that other bloggers are reading your stuff and liking it.  I am very chuffed to tell you that my blogging friend Bundle of Books has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award for my “clear layout and simple background of Penguin book covers”. Thank you!

How kind! There is a story to the banner at the top of my blog and the background of penguin book cover postcards.  After many years of living in sin, Mr Fictionhabit and I eventually tied the knot nearly 3 years ago.  Our mutual love of books lead us to name our tables after our favourite writers, decorate them with bundles of our favourite books (hence the pile of Chandler mysteries on the header), and instead of a guest book, we bought a box of Penguin book cover postcards for our guests to write their messages on.  The photographs were taken by our friend and wedding photographer extraordinaire David Long (please look – his pics are fabulous.  We are in there somewhere, weeping after our wedding ceremony).

I have bonded with Bundle of Books over our mutual affection for Pride and Prejudice, The Wire, and an admiration for James McAvoy (also, she only likes Matthew Macfadyen in Spooks, whereas I am less fastidious and like him in everything he’s done).  I am very grateful for the nomination and now have the issue of deciding who to pass it on to.

I want to pass this award on to Booksnob.  This blog is beautiful for more than one reason.  Firstly, it looks lovely.  It is unfussy, adorned with charming Ravilious prints (thank you, Booksnob, for introducing me to this artist who painted scenes of the South Downs among many other things), and peppered with photos and write-ups of trips around the UK and abroad.  Secondly, the writing is beautiful (I’m not sure Bundle of Books took this element into account when she nominated my blog..!).  Just read Booksnob’s thoughts on Pride & Prejudice, Emma or more recently Elizabeth Taylor and you will soon know what I mean.

Please check out both Bundle of Books and Booksnob for bookish loveliness.

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