Undershaw Saved!


As a real testament to people power, I just heard the Royal Courts of Justice have handed down their judgement in the judicial review against my local Borough Council’s planning decision regarding Arthur Conan Doyle’s home in Hindhead.  The planning decision to carve up the house has been OVERTURNED due to “legal flaws” identified during the process.

If local people passionate about the preservation of significant buildings had not given their time, sweat and tears to this project, a lovely example of Edwardian architecture of local, literary importance would be town houses and flats by now.

This is by no means the end, as it is possible the owners may submit new plans, but at the moment, we should delight in victory and pat those at the Undershaw Preservation Trust and their supporters firmly on the back!

The full press release by the legal team representing UPT is here http://bit.ly/LGZKzj

What do you think?

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