How proud?!

Look what my 9 year old came home with from cubs last night…


This is his book-reader badge.  He decided to work towards this himself, not at the instigation of his pack leaders.  He had to describe in detail 7 books he has read recently, including knowing the author names.  3 of the books had to be non-fiction.  He also had to know how to care for books, know how a library works and was then tested on using a dictionary, atlas and encyclopedia.  Of course I’ve helped him a bit – especially with the extra information you find in an atlas.  But he took himself off to the school library to speak to the librarian and research this element.  I am very proud of him and adore the fact we have young bookworms in our family.  He has even inspired a few of his cub mates and there was talk of starting a young book group (they are all reading the Young Samurai books by Chris Bradford or the David Walliams laugh-alongs).

I better get out my needle and thread…!

2 thoughts on “How proud?!”

  1. This is fantastic! It’s so important to encourage children to read, it’s wonderful if they really take to it. I volunteer in Girl Guiding and it’s so hard to encourage the girls to do the reader badge. Well done on him! I hope he keeps it!

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