Look what landed on my doormat…

…a thing of small, perfectly formed, bookish beauty won in a give-away here.  Big thanks to Lynne and those nice people at Bloomsbury!

I have never read any of Angela Carter’s books, but have wanted to read The Magic Toyshop ever since a friend described it as “bonkers”, sounds quite fun if you ask me!  Susannah Clapp was a friend of Angela Carter’s and is also her literary executor; she died of lung cancer in 1992 aged 51.  From the first pages I have already learnt a new fact.  I hadn’t realised that it was partly outrage due to Angela having been overlooked by the major literary awards that the Orange Prize was created.

Angela sent the occasional postcard to Susannah sometimes with rambling musings other times with sharp quips.  The postcards form the backbone of this little book and although   it is by no means a biography it provides us with an insight into her life and thoughts.  I read a few pages last night and it really is very simple and quite delightful to read.  I worried that I might be approaching Angela from the wrong angle, reading about her without having read any of her books, but actually sometimes reading about someone is the inspiration you need to track down their work.

What do you think?

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